How to Become a Rock Songwriter like Nadel Paris

Nadel Paris is not just an amazing vocalist, she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, and an ultimate songwriter.

Initially, I was just going to talk about how the Internet can create a career. Indeed, Nadel Paris started it all by uploading herself, a couple a beats to, and the phone started ringing..

But when she met Seven13 Music label owner Tony Bucher, she and her partner DJ Dario M, knew that the pair had become a trio. Nadel Paris's bro DJ Dario M, has worked with Nadel for some time, and their collaboration creates nothing but hit songs. What needs to be said about this is that Tony Bucher brought the business edge and his contacts. Now, a star is born, with videos played on MTV. Her EP featured on Amazon and itunes


I certainly believe that you admire some of the big name rock lyricists of our time. Some of them started as singers and later shifted their attention to songwriting; others started out as songwriters and stuck to their craft.


I believe you have been asking the question of how to become a rock songwriter. Actually, becoming a songwriter is not as difficult as making future plans for your life. It is no different from when you decided to sing and chose not to dance or doing both. So it is about decision. Is it mere decision? No! Decision about where your interests are taking you.


The question of how to become a rock songwriter like Nadel Paris could be answered well when you consider the following questions. Do you have interest in writing rock songs? Do you dream yourself as becoming a sought-after rock lyricist? Can you convert the feelings of people into words? If you answer yes to these questions then it means you might have the inspiration, skill and the drive to churn out quality rock lyrics and also answer the question of how to become a song writer.


In answering the how to become a rock songwriter question, you need to be aware of the audience you are writing your songs for. The audience should be able to relate to the song and catch the feel the lyrics convey. One may ask, "What is the main role the song writer plays?" Like every writer he tells a story with the song. But the story has to be simple and catchy.


The songwriter does not only compose stories. He actually has a 4-dimensional role: lyric writer - writing the words, melody writer - choosing the right musical notes to match the lyrics, chord writer - giving the right accompaniment to the melody, and lead sheet writer - thus combining rhythm and speech and ad libs to the whole music.


So, now you know how to become a rock songwriter. Speaking to Nadel She said that the life of a song writer is very interesting especially for the fact that music is a never ending fad. Your will continue to attract a huge audience as long as you create catchy lyrics that linger in their minds.

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