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If you feel you can get past all the secretaries and assistants without a Hollywood mentor then subscribe to the crowd over there in the disappointment line. They all believed they could go it alone and look where they're right now. Don't stop trying. It's all worth it.

No one gets discovered in an ice cream shop anymore. If you want to break into Hollywood you are going to need a coach, a guide.


Every day a large number of would-be scriptwriters are drawn by the bright lights and glitz and glitter of Hollywood and every single day those dreams get squashed by lack of knowledge. The rivalry is fierce and that whole 'survival of the fittest' thing is honored to those who make connections and acquire support.


You know the old saying, "It's who you know?" That saying started in Hollywood! Screenwriters absolutely need a coach more than any other group on this enterprise.

Till your name is pulsating up there on the Big Screen, you are an unknown - a nobody. You won't even be capable of getting your foot in the door - let’s forget about your script.


Here is how a coach may help you get your first screenplay sold in Hollywood:


Script Proofreading: Writing a script is very unique than writing a novel. Movie script structure is restricted and formulaic with a restricted amount of words, characters, locations, and scenes.

Novel writers DO NOT make good scriptwriters (movie scripts are NOT stories). You can not assess your own work and a mentor knows precisely what the studio executives expect to see on the page. Gurus are worth every penny you spend them.


Script Format: Executives acquire hundreds of scripts per week. If you want yours to be observed and read then it has to be delivered and shine like a professional's script. Software packages will do formatting for you, but only as a guideline.

A mentor will fill out the missing factors to formatting for you and you'll learn with the one-on-one guidance and comments. An excellent mentor understands what the studio execs expect to see on the page.


Query letters: A good mentor can introduce you to an agent and can even manage you once you've completed (not completed - completing a script is NOT finishing a script) an excellent product (script) to sell so you won't need query letters.


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