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Over the next few minutes, we are going to discuss the beginning basics of how to write a song, the intro, the structure and the verse. Over the next few minutes, we are going to continue on with more tips for the beginner song writer. We will talk about the structure of a verse, the actual music, lyrics, melody and chorus.


Ok, the basic structure of a verse is your four chords and four line structures. This basically means you sing your first line over four chords but sing four lines all together. We are specifically saying four because it seems to be the most used, average number in even by the most experienced music composer.

When learning how to write a song, you don't have to get too difficult with the music and the instrument you play. Your main focus should be on the basics of the music. Start with the four basic chords and lyrics, you can add to the song later. An advanced music composer often just starts with the main idea, the chords initially. When the song is ready to go, then you can add or adjust as you feel needed. How to write a song begins with the structure and interaction in the song between instruments, rhythm and vocals. 


Now that you have the basics down, you can continue you on with the writing of the lyrics. You probably already have many things you want to write or sing about so try to narrow it down to one first. Start with writing the first and second verse together. These sentences can be short or long but they do need to flow in the same general direction or topic. 


The lyrics of the song's first verse are somewhat of an introduction of the story you are singing about. If you have a real topic you should try to write the first and second verse of the song together. If you just want to sing about a general feeling you can write the lyrics of the first verse on its own. When thinking of your chorus ask yourself what you enjoy about your favourite songs. What makes the song catchy for this will be the essence of the chorus. 


Once you have all the basic elements written down then you are ready to put your song together. See, learning how to write a song way easy and it's a fact you don't have to be an excellent music composer to do just that! Remember, being a song writer should be fun, not a chore so relax and have a good time with it!


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