What Can An Aspiring Young Female Vocalist Learn From Professional Singers?

A female vocalist who wants to be successful should try to learn from the successful professional singers. Everybody needs someone to look up to. A new artist needs an inspiration. She needs someone to remind her that she can also reach her dreams.


Sometimes, the determining factor of the success of an individual is if she is persistent enough to reach her goals. There are many good talents out there. There are hundreds of people who can sing. But what sets the few superstars apart from other singers? To answer this, a vocalist must study and analyze the attitude and demeanor of successful artists.


With a lot of competition, the female vocalist must exert a lot of effort to get ahead of other new singers. She must find a way to reinvent herself every now and then, so her listeners and viewers will not be bored. She must consider that other singers went through a lot of hardships before they achieved the superstar status. If it is possible, a vocalist should look for a mentor. It is unwise to ask advice from singers who are not superstars themselves. The problem with young people today is they are in a hurry to achieve a celebrity status. They don't understand the meaning of hard work at all.


Professional singers always stress the importance of musical training. Singers who started early in their careers have an advantage over someone who just recently started training. Also, a singer that has supportive parents has more chances of succeeding over someone who does not. It means that she can always count on the encouragement and loving words of her parents. That is why successful singers would not advise that a vocalist becomes detached from her parents and family. The veterans already know that a family is always there, and that a female vocalist must not take her family for granted on her climb to stardom. A family is always there even when the singer is not a superstar or a millionaire yet. They love the singer for what she is and not for her riches and success.


Every successful female vocalist knows how to care for her voice. She must always perform the right vocalization exercises. She takes good care of her body as well. She avoids sleeping late. She tries to get a good night's sleep. If she does not get enough sleep, she will be short of energy during her performance. She knows how to have a good time responsibly. She watches everything that she eats, as there are certain foods that can aggravate a singer's voice. Singers drink alcoholic drinks in moderation. If a female vocalist does not have a good health, the quality of her voice can suffer. Everybody is advised to drink lots of water. But an artist is the one who benefits most from this habit. When a singer is well-hydrated, she can produce a smooth melody instead of singing in a very raspy voice.


A young female vocalist should follow the example of successful performers who are not afraid to show their true colors and personality. They connect to their music. They mean their lyrics and they sing from the heart. A new artist must have a unique and original image. She should not try to take after a famous singer. Before she introduces herself in public, she must know what image she wants to project and what genre she wants to be identified with. When a singer is new in the industry, she must not be picky when it comes to attending events and singing engagements. Once a female vocalist starts gaining popularity, she must learn to show appreciation to her followers.


Nadel Paris has an amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her. She is making her statement as a female vocalist and a sole composer of all her songs and hope that it will inspire many others to do the same.


Nadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years. She has been working with children in voice placement, voice projection.

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