Professional Music Recording

Professional music recording is very hard to be done if you do not know the technique. If you want to do professional recording you should know the good distance of a monitor stand to get the good sound in recording process. Commonly the distance of the microphone and singer is around three to eight inches. A really good vocal technique will boost the sound in a recorded song.


If you are working on instruments you need to do good technique in order to boost the sound. You will surely able to enhance the sound if you check the sound system. You also need to prepare with picking technique and also timing. It is important to do good timing because you cannot record the song if the instrument plays not in the right note. The song will be ruined by that.


Original guitar and other music instrument sound can be good if you want to be noticed in music industry. Do not stay on the line and follow the other people technique. Music instruments can be customized to ensure that the instruments can sound great and does not stand out from the music. Do not try to make the instruments sound louder than the vocal because you need to do harmonization. People do not only listen to the instruments but the whole song. If you want to be recognized you can make a solo so you are able to be the star of a song.


Do not record the vocal too loud or too soft because it can create huge difference. If you are working on the chorus you need to pay attention on this part. You need to do vocal technique and you can also use the equipments in normalization and harmonization of the track. You can record the vocal first and add the instrument later to make a good harmonization of the track.


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