Funky House Producers Who Expanded the Genre

Funky house music as a genre would at first seem fairly simple to define - any house music that displayed a preponderance of funk samples, a funk-inspired bassline or a strong soul influence, combined with drum breaks that draw inspiration from 70's and 80's funk records. However, upon closer examination it appears as though funky house has broadened to the point where it is no longer possible to paint all artists operating within this genre with the same brush. Let's take a look at four funky house producers who represent a few of the different directions that this musical style has taken in the past 15 years.


1. Olav Basoski. This Dutch producer has been churning out funky house hits since 1997. He has also become a sought-after remixer, known for adding a touch of funk to almost any production. He broke through to a huge audience after releasing a remix of Moby's 'Bodyrock' in 1999, which used sampled disco strings, filter sweeps and a hot vocal and bassline to propel the track up the dance charts. The song is also notable for its electro-inspired breakdown mid-way through.


2. Les Rythmes Digitales. Also known as Jacques Lu Cont, this alias for Stuart Price has served him well on the funky house music scene. LRD productions often adopt a funky slap bass style, and make use of the same type of vocal sampling used in French house without resorting to the same level of filtering that is often a marker of that genre. In addition to his work with a number of pop artists, Price is celebrated for his LRD track entitled 'Jacques Your Body', which came out in 1999.


3. Armand van Helden. An artist who has dabbled in many different areas of the house music sound, Armand van Helden got his start producing some of the funkiest tracks around. His remix of 'Spin Spin Sugar' by the Sneaker Pimps was the first in a line of funky house music releases that would light clubs on fire in both the United States and Europe. He followed it up with 'The Funk Phenomena', the disco-tinged 'U Don't Know Me' and the dual attack of 'Flowerz' and 'The Boogie Monster' in 1999.


4. Cassius. Veterans of the French hip hop scene Le Funk Mob found an outlet for their house music energies with Cassius. Combining elements of filter, French and funky house, Cassius was all over the place sonically, although most tracks were anchored by solid funk basslines and soulful vocals. Some of their most representative work can be heard on the singles '1999', 'The Sounds Of Violence' and 'Feeling For You'.


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