DJ Beats - Simple Secrets to Making Hit Records

Making hit records with DJ beats is about combining simple principals of song writing and music production formula with a recipe of creative instrumental knowledge and audio experimentation. One simple secret to making hit records is that you must know the formula, and yes there is a formula. This is not to say that all music and hit songs are stamped with the same mould, but there are certain rules to follow in terms of what listeners expect and how far they are willing to be pushed against the grain when being introduced to something new. The right blend of comfortable familiarity and creative innovation can spark a new trend that launches careers and sets standards for future production ideas and techniques.


Now it really doesn't matter what your level of production skills or mixing abilities are. The simple secret is to know and understand how to best use the talents and skills you do posses, and work with those in developing who you are as an artist. This secret of making hit records involves the use of professional instrumental DJ beats, in any form of music creation, to add a wealth of unique yet distinctive character to your mix. This simple secret can help you to elevate your song writing, mixing and production skills to new heights. No matter what the style of music you are working on, implementing original sound ideas promotes the development of imaginative ideas that can spark unprecedented results that can lead to making hit records.


In general, no single idea or use of one beat will make your song or music production a hit, but there is something to say about the fact that there have been many hits arriving on the charts in recent years due to the use of a single loop or combination of extraordinary DJ beats. The material integrated into these songs is usually for the most part, of the highest professional recording quality and fashioned to the industry standard of audio mixing and mastering production. This simple secret is to say that when you are working on your tracks, writing your songs or producing your mixes, you must keep in mind at all times the standard at which you are working and how your standards stack up against what the pro's are doing in terms of making hit records.


In today's record industry of music production, the implementation of DJ beats into audio production has become the norm. DJ's and producers are responsible for much of what is heard on popular radio today. Genre's ranging from R&B and hip hop to dance, rock and pop, just to name a few, are all being mixed and re-mixed by producers and DJ's all over the world with incredible hybrid transformations and cross genre appeal. These masterful creations, born out of intuitive and insightful audio manipulation and editing techniques top the charts of hit radio station daily.


The creative and innovative process one can go through in developing potential hit material is often nothing short of inspirational. These simple yet affective secrets of mixing the right instrumental dj beats and original audio production has made household names out of numerous recording artists in the modern era of making hit records.


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