Attend Music Festivals In A Smart Way


For the majority of people, attending a music festival is among the most enjoyable and purest forms of listening to live music. It can be a fantastic experience or an exhausting one, depending on how one prepares to attend the event and the things he or she will do there.


To make the most out of a music festival, it is vital to purchase the tickets early. The majority of music festival that charge cash have advance tickets and gate tickets at different prices. The advance tickets go for lesser money than gate tickets. Oftentimes, the advance tickets run out thus it is vital to get them as soon as they are available. The following are steps suggested by Nadel Paris one can take while getting the tickets:

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The Diversity of Asian Music by Nadel Paris


It is difficult to pinpoint what Asian music is because this musical genre is so diverse in nature. The music of the Asian continent is subdivided into regions and furthermore, into specific countries. Each region's culture followed by the individual country's culture has created a vast number of musical types within Asia.


Asia is divided into five main regions: Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia. Each one of these regions is home to several countries which all feature distinct, unique musical trends. Throughout the centuries, history has shaped the formation of music in each Asian country. Instead of referring to Asian music as a whole today, we now refer more specifically to each country: i.e. Thai music, Chinese Music, or Mongolian music.

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Your choice of music can shape your beliefs


Music is very powerful. The kind of music you listen to says a lot about who you are. What music you choose to listen to today will help to determine what type of person you are tomorrow. Be careful about what type of music you choose to listen to. Music can either build you up or tear you down.

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The Best OF Electronic And Dubstep Music

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Nadel Paris Explains How To Preserve Good Singing Voice


Good professional singers not only have to be fit and healthy to look good for stage performances, they must also know how to maintain and preserve a good singing voice.


You have only one voice and when your voice is damaged permanently, it will probably spell the end of a singer's. Many singers who have not been through professional singing coaching by good singing coaches or attend any singing schools may not even know that they may be damaging their voice.

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Being a DJ for Beginners - Nadel Paris


Being a DJ may seem like an easy career path for many people. The fact of the matter is there is an endless stream of would be DJ’s who are just as into the music scene as you and me. The only way Nadel Paris an EDM artist always suggests to get ahead in this game is to be hard working, self-promoting and flexibility is an essential!

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New Forms of Music Discussed by Nadel Paris

This is a rundown of a portion of the world's music kind and their definitions.


African Folk - Music held to be run of the mill of a country or ethnic gathering, known to all sections of its general public, and saved as a rule by oral custom.


Afro jazz - Refers to jazz music which has been vigorously affected by African music. The music took components of marabi, swing and American jazz and blended this into an interesting combination. The main band to truly accomplish this combination was the South African band Jazz Maniacs.

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A Look at Some of The Great Performers of Swing Music in The US

The Swing and Big Band musical era is typically characterized by upbeat, happy songs that make your feet want to dance. Although many of these songs belong to the first half of the 20th century, their ability to uplift your spirit and lighten your mood remains just as powerful today. The talented composers, arrangers and musicians of that time have created unforgettable compositions that are timeless and cherished by music lovers across multiple continents. You can tune into a popular ballroom music radio station in the USA to enjoy these timeless musical treasures. There are some reputed music stations that have preserved these incredible performances from the golden age of Swing music in collections of thousands of recordings derived from multiple sources. Their sole aim is to provide the listeners with a delightful experience generally associated with the music of those times.

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Music Licensing Companies Significance in Promoting Your Composition

Whenever we listen to a song in a movie, we get the name of the composers and the lyricists frequently as soon as the product gains popularity. But have you ever thought about someone who has immense talent but lack of exposure is spoiling his or her musical career. Music licensing serves to be really very helpful for these unknown artists as it gives them the opportunity to publicize their talent and gain popularity as one of the gems in the music and entertainment industry. To help the composers with all these relevant services, these companies have come into focus.

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The Ethos of Rhythm and Scales by Nadel Paris

In the ancient past, the Greeks attributed an "ethos" or moral force to musical rhythms and scales. To determine the ethos of anything such as a musical rhythm they not only factored meter, but also other fundamental rhythmic elements such as lengths, beats, bars, and parts. Their study of these elements brought about the following statements about rhythm in particular:

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DJ Beats - Simple Secrets to Making Hit Records

Making hit records with DJ beats is about combining simple principals of song writing and music production formula with a recipe of creative instrumental knowledge and audio experimentation. One simple secret to making hit records is that you must know the formula, and yes there is a formula. This is not to say that all music and hit songs are stamped with the same mould, but there are certain rules to follow in terms of what listeners expect and how far they are willing to be pushed against the grain when being introduced to something new. The right blend of comfortable familiarity and creative innovation can spark a new trend that launches careers and sets standards for future production ideas and techniques.

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What Makes A Beat A Hip Hop Beat?

So, what makes a beat hip hop?


Is there a certain way beats are sequenced that make them hip hop? Can any beat be considered hip hop? What is a hip hop beat? Hip hop is hard to define but we all know it when we hear it.


With other beats it is easy to classify them. For instance a shuffle beat is distinguished by accenting second and fourth beats of every measure. A rock beat emphasizes a back-beat by placing the snare drum on beat 2 and 4 and the kick drum on beats 1 and 3.


With hip hop, it is a bit different because from early on hip hop relied on borrowing from any genre of music it felt added something to the beat. It was sort of an audio collage.

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Top Trends in Beat Making

In case you missed it, there are some fresh new trends developing in beat making. This list details the most important ones. If you can adapt these to your productions, you're golden. If not - your beats might end up sounding like you created them in 2002.

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Funky House Producers Who Expanded the Genre

Funky house music as a genre would at first seem fairly simple to define - any house music that displayed a preponderance of funk samples, a funk-inspired bassline or a strong soul influence, combined with drum breaks that draw inspiration from 70's and 80's funk records. However, upon closer examination it appears as though funky house has broadened to the point where it is no longer possible to paint all artists operating within this genre with the same brush. Let's take a look at four funky house producers who represent a few of the different directions that this musical style has taken in the past 15 years.

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Electrify Your Senses With Belly Dance Music

Belly dancing has been popularized over the years as a joyful woman's art, and why not, after all it has all the essential ingredients that make it worthy to be cherished at moments of joy or woe. Now days belly dancing is not only practiced by female dancers, even male dancers all over have taken a deep interest in this form of art. This dance form was made popular by the Arabs, who called it raqs sharqi ("oriental dance"). With the passage of time, Belly dance has witnessed several alterations in its form, style, and costume and the same goes for its music.

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Country Music History by Nadel Paris

The Beginning of Country Music


One thing that has always baffled me is the fact that whilst country music is one of the most popular genres of music in the United States, outside of the country it is not as well regarded. In fact, if you head on over to the United Kingdom you will find that it is an incredibly niche genre. Why is this baffling to me? Well, it is because country music history can be traced back to the Irish, who of course are very close to the United Kingdom (just a couple of miles over the water in fact, with half of Ireland considered part of the United Kingdom). On this page we will take a little look at the its roots. This is before any music recordings or the like. This was when music was a form of entertainment and not just a way to make money.

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New Dimensions to Love And Explore New Music

How important alternative music can be for individuals, this question can only be perfectly answered by modern generation that has been fan of searching the out of the box ideas. The choice of modern world is a bit spicy and off the regular track followed by the world till now. This is the reason that everyone is in love with live band performances, concerts and open singing. These all forms of music are getting popular and the basic reason behind this is special feel of independence in them. People get to watch the performer in front of them and enjoy a wonderful time in a live performance. Therefore, everyone has become a huge fan of such music happenings taking place all over the world. Internet is the platform that has connected all the areas of this world by making people understand well about the different types of musical forms and much more.

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Tips by Nadel Paris to Help You Learn How to Sing Classical Music

To learn how to sing classical music involves hard work, patience, repertoire of skills, and commitment. Beginners and even professionals have to develop their voices through systematic and careful practice of vocal exercises and songs. A common approach in learning to sing classical is by hiring a professional to teach you this genre, joining classical choir groups, enrolling in music school, or to purchase singing software that is made for classical music. Either way you decide, classical singing has to be pursued with strong determination and passion. To know what is involved in classical singing training, here are some points outlined by Nadel Paris a musician to remember.

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How to Enjoy Live Music Concerts?

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Inescapable Music Festival of California

California or the Entertainment Capital of the World has nothing to overwhelm the high spirits of holidaymakers. Other than a universe of bizarre travel attractions by method for common wonder and other visitor trappings, the Californian city is well known for hypnotizing music scene.


Vacations to California turn out to be all the more wonderful when the awe-inspiring musical exhibitions, energetic climate and uproarious commotions of music enthusiasts fill the heart with enormous happiness. Here is the testing of a portion of the exciting musical celebrations which entice even the most perceiving music buff.

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Professional Music Recording

Professional music recording is very hard to be done if you do not know the technique. If you want to do professional recording you should know the good distance of a monitor stand to get the good sound in recording process. Commonly the distance of the microphone and singer is around three to eight inches. A really good vocal technique will boost the sound in a recorded song.

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Make Your Own Free Beats Instrumentals

These days technology has developed numerous interactive software tools for almost every need. You will also find a number of music software applications that aid composers, disc jockeys, musicians, and music enthusiasts in creating beats for songs. These applications have become their scratch pads for song ideas or beats that they can include in live performances. If you are a music enthusiast and are interested in creating melodies, there are simple ways to make your own beats in a matter of minutes.

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Music Is a Highly Celebrated Art Form

Music is one of the well-known forms of art in the world today. It is also one of the oldest forms of art. It has been reported that music existed even in the pre-historic period. Music can truly express feelings which words can't express. When you listen to music, it is not just your ears which get affected. 

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Improve Your Guitar Playing Speed and Learn To Play Fast

Take a look with us now as we delve into tips and tricks for improving your guitar playing speed and for some practical knowledge on effectively using metronomes and other helps to improve your practice sessions. 

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Become a Better Dancer With Yoga

By its very nature, dance forces dancers to stay focused, but it's too easy to keep the focus narrowed to a pinpoint, and miss out on other important elements of life. But dancers are human first, and it serves us to explore other avenues that may seem completely unrelated to dance, but aid in our evolution as both dancers and people. For lots of dancers, yoga is one of those things.

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Music Defining the Essence of Life

Music makes you lose control! Music has the power to rejuvenate, heal and make you feel happy. People across the world enjoy the aesthetics of music and song. From ancient times, it is regarded as a best medicine that can bring smiles to faces. It not only involves emotions, feelings, but also inner desire to feel the essence of life. People often like music of different genre that can bring real joy to them. Music of 70's, 80's and 90's, all are as exiting and thrilling as possible, involving widest possible audiences.

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Use Proper Diction When Singing

Whenever an individual listens to a tune, the lyrics and melody produce a picture, sensation or feeling that they will connect to. In cases where the song is listened to over and over this results in comprehension and so the listener begins to appreciate the emotions even more, focusing on words, perhaps even senseless ones which will inspire involvement.

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What Can An Aspiring Young Female Vocalist Learn From Professional Singers?

A female vocalist who wants to be successful should try to learn from the successful professional singers. Everybody needs someone to look up to. A new artist needs an inspiration. She needs someone to remind her that she can also reach her dreams.

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The Hip Hop Urban Culture

Hip hop music is part of hip hop culture predominately among African Americans and Latinos (the other two elements are graffiti art and break dancing). The reasons for the rise in hip hop music are found in the changing urban culture in the United States in the 1970's. Beginning in the 1980's, hip hop culture began its spread across the world. By taking the time to explain a fertile culture expression, students of hip hop music place at our disposal some of the most intriguing investigations of a powerful art form.

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Dance Music Is Vital to Your Lifestyle: Nadel Paris

In performing arts, body posture is the medium to express the artist's intention to the audience. When done perfectly, then this is appealing to those watching them. The posture of the dancer depends on the dance music that is playing in the background. It is a combination of executing the beat while maintaining the posture or the stance that best relays the message of the dance.

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Pop Music is The Best Approach to Ease Your Tensions

Music has always been the best way to revivify your sense and soul. No matter what tension is troubling you, a good clip of music can easily reduce your tensions and soothe your life. The music is also known as the best curer for any of your problems. There are numerous categories in the field of music. However, the Pop Music is one of the most beautiful part of modern music.

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Screenplay Writing Tips by Nadel Paris

Screenplay writing requires a creative knack for storytelling that appeals visually. In screenplay writing, observing and listening to people is helpful for screenwriters. The very essence of successful communication lies in listening and observing people, rather than doing the talking. The same rule applies to screenplay writing. The writer should habituate to observe and listen to people and effectively take notes. This is because it is possible to draw inspiration from the smallest objects or events. Below are screenplay writing tips by Nadel Paris who herself is a screenwriter:

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Nadel Paris - Best Suited Music For Kids

In today’s busy world, it is increasingly important for parents to optimize quality time with their children. As mentors, educators and playmates to their newborns, toddlers and pre-adolescents, parents shape their children's social and intellectual development more than any other influence. Educational children's music offers parents the unique opportunity to positively impact their children's lives through simultaneous entertainment and education whether at home or on-the-go.

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Enhance Your Child's Singing Voice by Nadel Paris

If you would like to enhance your child's singing voice, it is important to make sure they have professional singing classes. Trained professionals can teach your child the most effective techniques, help them develop their own unique sound and improve the quality of their voice. Nadel Paris's Institute can provide children singing classes that can give them a competitive edge over any current rivals.

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How to Be Successful in the Entertainment Industry

More actors and actresses are struggling to make ends meet in LA and are spending their time on waiting tables instead of honing their craft. Because of this, many people in the entertainment industry have now moved to other cities such as Seattle, Washington and Albuquerque, New Mexico. One example are some women wanting to be models in LA found out the Seattle models can make a better living by getting booked through a Seattle modeling firm than one in LA or New York.

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Pop Music Came from Rock and Roll

By its very definition Pop (short for popular) is the most POPULAR music genre. The fragmentation of popular music into discrete niches has meant that fewer performers are able to transcend their specific genres to attain a kind of cultural consensus that seemed possible in the past. Yet Shumway's tired lament reveals less about why this change has occurred than it does about the stranglehold that baby boomers continue to have over received knowledge about the history of modern popular music.

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Choose the Best Style of Dance for You by Nadel Paris

Dance is quickly becoming more popular than ever and there are loads of different styles to choose from. With so many different styles, there is almost certainly one that will suit you and this article outlines some of the main ones.

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Dancing: The Most Artistic and Creative Way of Socializing

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How to Make Your Song Lyrics Stronger

All songwriters struggle with their lyrics to their songs from time to time. It's one of the "hazards" of the trade. And many times we settle for words that aren't what we mean or don't carry enough punch. Even songwriters whose strength is their lyrics don't always take the proper amount of time to choose their words carefully.

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Structure Your Song - Nadel Paris

Over the next few minutes, we are going to discuss the beginning basics of how to write a song, the intro, the structure and the verse. Over the next few minutes, we are going to continue on with more tips for the beginner song writer. We will talk about the structure of a verse, the actual music, lyrics, melody and chorus.


Ok, the basic structure of a verse is your four chords and four line structures. This basically means you sing your first line over four chords but sing four lines all together. We are specifically saying four because it seems to be the most used, average number in even by the most experienced music composer.

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Important Things for A Female Vocalist: Nadel Paris

Are you looking for a gift to give to a friend who is a female vocalist? Or are you an amateur who wants to take your singing to the next level? There are some things that are important to a singer and can serve as her aid to further hone her voice.


Some of these things are really easy to find. They can be sent as a gift, which will surely be appreciated. These tools can be used to help in practicing to be a better performer and it can also serve as inspiration. It can be as complicated as musical equipment or it can be as simple as a CD. The following enumerates some tools that are very important, if not inspiring, to singers and aspiring singers.

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Nadel Paris Tips on How to Become The Ideal Screenwriter

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How to Become a Rock Songwriter like Nadel Paris

Nadel Paris is not just an amazing vocalist, she is a recording artist, musician, music producer, and an ultimate songwriter.

Initially, I was just going to talk about how the Internet can create a career. Indeed, Nadel Paris started it all by uploading herself, a couple a beats to, and the phone started ringing..

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Importance of Audio Recording Studios

Music is completely artistic and gives pleasure to people. Both the artist and the audience get immense joy on playing and listening to music. It gives great excitement and every artist need to have creative and professional support. An audio recording studio is the immense need whether you are a solo performer or you perform as a band. You need to get assistance from a multifaceted quality studio that offers a number of audio services. The purpose of getting there is you get a comfortable environment where you have state-of-the-art technology that is customized to meet the demands of the modern day.


Professional recording studios have team of musicians, engineers, designers and technical experts who are quite passionate about music and make best use of technology in producing music of different genres. Many studios in the world are popular for different music productions. When you look into the specific pages on the studios you can know more about their works and the quality. Different recording studios specialize in various recording, dubbing, music composing and albums, editing, mixing and mastering music in great style. It gives you immense feel when you enter any studio.

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Becoming a Music Producer

Do you have what it takes to become the next most sought-after music producer in the industry? Or are you simply stuck on wishful thinking and hoping that you'll be noticed one day?

Music producers are the busiest pros behind the making of an artist and an album. There are many responsibilities that this guy needs to attend to. And he may be required to prove his worth not just through his musical prowess but also through education.


Yes, a music producer needs education first and foremost to back up his talent. Though the younger generation of famous producers may not have degrees, still, they underwent training and workshops to establish themselves as pros in the industry.

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc Here is what sought:

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